Top travel gifts for kids to keep them busy

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Kids generally love traveling, and it doesn’t matter if they are toddlers or teenagers. As holidays are around the corner, it’s the perfect time to buy something for your kids while you are traveling.  As a parent, I always want to buy something for my kids while I am traveling with them.
Well, it’s not that easy. It can be quite tricky to buy a gift just perfect for your kid. You may run out of ideas, or you may be on a budget or want something that will add value in your kid’s life.
Don’t worry, here’s a list of top travel gift ideas for kids.

1. Globe or Infographic wall maps

Kids get easily fascinated by globes and maps. This gift can make them feel happy, and they are super affordable as well. These young travelers can use this to explore new places or countries and can even dot the countries/states they have been to. Also, if you are on a budget then consider going through 15 ways to save money while traveling.

2. Twistable crayons

Young kids love drawing and coloring, but it can be quite frustrating to do all this while traveling. The most natural solution to this problem is twistable crayons, they are easy to use, no more breaking of crayons, no more mess, no need to peel the paper or sharpen the color pencils. These crayons will keep the young traveler’s hands clean and are easy to carry in a mini backpack.
You can buy Twistable Crayons from Amazon for around $10.

3. Colorful and cute suitcase for kids

 Whether it’s a boy or a girl, preschoolers love colorful bags. It can be a long term investment if you buy a good quality suitcase. Gifting this will make them happy and excited about the trip. They can also get a mini ride on the suitcase, and this will make their journey more fun and exciting. Here’s a list of Cute little suitcases for kids you can buy.

4. Backpacks for teenagers

Speaking about luggage, teenagers may not be interested in cute little suitcases; they would instead prefer backpacks.  Teenagers love acting like adults and would love to carry a backpack, and they would want to fit their stuff in their bag pack. Backpacks are quite convenient to use and affordable in the long run.
Side note:- Always make sure you buy backpacks with adjustable and wide straps. You can also refer to our guide of selecting a perfect travel bag pack.

5. Outdoor toys

If you’re planning a trip with your lovely kids, then outdoor games/toys are musts. Kids love playing games outdoors, and there are many options available online. You can gift a frisbee which is compact and travel-friendly. It’s a perfect toy to play anywhere, with anyone. If you plan to visit a beach, then you can opt for small beach toys. Regular beach toys are big and challenging to carry, especially overseas, there are many small beach pails available online. Consider buying them from this huge variety of outdoor toys on Amazon.

6. Binoculars

You can never go wrong with binoculars. They are the perfect gift for all age groups. Kids love things like this because a thing that can bring other things closer to them is ‘ cool ‘ at least according to my seven-year-old cousin. Select a decent magnifying binocular which can be useful and is not just a stupid toy. You can refer to this article for selecting a high-quality and affordable Binocular.

7. Boogie board

 Boogie boards are LCD writing tablets and are super cool to use. It is a doodling pad and does not need power. It is a simple way to keep your kids busy during the trip. Young travelers can draw or write on this pad using an enclosed pen and can erase it by clicking a single button. It’s a fun way to study and is not very expensive.

8. Travel books

 Kids travel books are the best way to kill boredom, and if your kid loves reading, it’s a perfect gift option. There are so many travel books available online as well as offline. If they don’t like travel books, you can opt for comic books, story books, game books, etc. List of cool Travel books for kids you can buy on Amazon. And if you are an adult and into reading while traveling you must go through these 7 books that will make you want to travel more.

9. Hand puppets

We all loved hand puppets as a kid. They are light, funny, and very entertaining. Kids enjoy them, especially younger kids, and are easy to carry while traveling.

10. Indoor Games

Kids get bored quickly, and they always need something different. After watching hours of TV shows, Netflix or Amazon prime they need a break, and the best way is to play games. Indoor games like cards, maze, etc. are a good option.

11. Headphones

Teenagers always enjoy listening to music and watch online shows or play video games. You can gift them a voice cancellation headphone. They can be quite expensive but could be a good investment if your kid takes proper care of them.

12. Camera

A camera could be one of the most expensive gifts on this whole list, but if your kid loves nature and enjoys capturing beautiful moments, then this is the perfect option. I don’t recommend, gifting this to kids less than 15 years of age. If you still wish to gift your little kid (age above three years) a camera, you have many online options, they are cute small tiny cameras with adorable features and are quite affordable.

13. Watch

A cute little watch is something that all kids love and can also be a stress relief for the parents. As a parent, it can be stressful to travel with your kids, especially if they are too young. Try buying smartwatches with GPS and phone call options, and this can be helpful in case of an emergency. Teach your kid how to use a smartwatch if they get lost. I feel this could be a lifesaver and is available at a cheap rate.

14. Power bank

Teens are always on their phone listening to music, watching movies, games, social media, etc. They always run out of power, gifting a power bank is the best solution.

15. Cash/gift cards

 Kids can be tricky sometimes, and their taste keeps changing now and then. The best way is to gift your young traveler some cash or a gift card. Let them buy what they want according to their taste, and they will be pleased.
I hope you guys enjoyed reading this article and find a suitable gift for your kid. You have ample of gift choices which are affordable and worth every single penny.

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