Top 10 tips for solo female travelers 

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​Traveling to different places or countries itself is a beautiful and overwhelming experience but you can add on to it by traveling solo. Traveling solo as a female can be so much empowering, it will boost your confidence, add on to your personality, make you feel more independent and free. You can have a look at 10 Travel trends of 2019 if you need help planning your next travel.

But everything has pros and cons. Traveling as a solo female can also be a little dangerous or unsafe at times, but knowing a few tips and tricks will definitely help you in keeping your safety. Also, knowing a few good travel hacks will save your time, money and energy.

Following is the list of top 10 tips for solo female travelers.

1. Confidence

Solo Travel

We all have heard confidence is the key and many people believe it. According to many researchers if a person looks under confident it is a sign that the person is nervous and people won’t take him/her seriously. Being a solo female traveler the worst thing you can do to yourself is look worried and fearful. In situations where you are lost or in trouble, try to stay calm and think, because things would be fine in the end, just try to find your way back.

2. Pack light

Solo Travel

The lighter your bag pack the easily you can move, save time, money and energy. Don’t pack unnecessary stuff that wouldn’t be that useful during the trip. Don’t mind wearing the same outfits again and again. Stick to the basic colors like white, black, gray, browns, etc. this will make selecting outfits less stressful. Pack limited shoes and accessories. I have reviewed and made a list of seven of the best budget backpacks for travel, go through them and select the one that suits your need. 

3. Act and dress like a local citizen

If you want to blend in and feel safe, then go with the flow. It might be difficult in being but take it as a process of learning about the culture. Often tourists are targeted by the local sellers due to their different appearance and things are sold at a higher price than usual.

4. Plan well and stick to it

Plan everything well, know the information regarding your flight and hotel, the mode of transportation that will be used while traveling towards your hotel or destination and how will you spend the rest of the day.  Most importantly stick to your plan and don’t keep switching it because the more you keep switching your plan the more you will waste your time. Also, have a backup plan just in case you feel the place or location is not safe enough.

5. Stay private and protect yourself

Don’t share your private information with strangers, don’t tell them about your hotel or room number. Never mention that your traveling solo, because there would be people who would take unwanted advantage out of this situation. Always say that you are traveling with someone and if you don’t want to lie then learn to be politely vague.  Try to learn a few easy but effective self-defense trick that could help you and also carry a personal safety alarm. Keep your money in an anti-theft bag and keep your baggage always next to you.

6. Don’t drink alcohol

Safe tips for solo female traveller

Getting wasted on a solo trip is a big NO NO!  Its something that must be kept in mind because you can easily get tempted to consume such a drink to relax your body. Drinks are also used as a way of socializing with new people but this can put you in danger. I have made one post listing 9 causes of injuries and sicknesses while traveling, make sure you read it. 

7. Leave a trial

Sometimes social media can be used as a great tool for safety. A simple post regarding your last location can help you and also assure your family and friends that you’re doing well. Also, make sure you know the emergency number of the country that you’re visiting and a few words like help in the local language.  Try to set a time frame if possible, which means if you didn’t contact your family or friends for a particular period then probably something’s not okay.

8. Don’t isolate yourself and interact with the locals

Don’t isolate yourself just because you want to stay safe and private. Being social will help you understand the culture, the food, the country, the people, their traditions, etc. Eat local food items with the locals, as they are the best guide you can find. It can be a very overwhelming experience to see the locals support and guide you. 

9.  Stay aware of your surroundings

When you’re traveling solo it’s so important to understand that you are the only person who has to take care of the luggage and your safety. It can be problematic at times to always keep an eye on your luggage even while you’re visiting the restroom but it’s important to not take a chance. Always make sure you’re keeping your backpack in front of your body in a crowded place and all the zips are locked well.

10. Enjoy your trip

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The most important tip that I can give you is to enjoy and embrace this time of your life. It’s will be one of the most beautiful things you can cherish, so enjoy your trip to the fullest. Don’t be scared and let all these negative energies take the spark away from you. The world is filled with amazing people, food, and culture (just with a few bad people) but don’t let them stop you from being independent and strong because being a solo female traveler itself is a wonderful and empowering experience.

Bonus tips

11. Use step

Use step (Smart Travel Enrollment Program). This will give you the latest safety and security information regarding the country your visiting so that your much aware of everything.

12. Hygiene

Take care of your hygiene, always wash your hands and use other tips to not fall sick while traveling.  Also, make sure you don’t consume anything harmful or toxic.

13. Stay hydrated

Always keep your body hydrated, this will keep your throat moist and work as a barrier against germs and will keep your skin glowing.

So these are the few tips & tricks that you can use as a solo female traveler, Hopefully, you all enjoyed reading this article.

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