15 ways to save money while traveling

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Traveling is an endless bucket list for people who love exploring new places and culture. If you are about to plan a trip consider reading Top 10 Travel Trends of 2019. Some people just enjoy staying away from home. They love exploring and being on adventures but this can be quite heavy on the pocket. We all know traveling is expensive, especially when you are not alone.  But there are a few tips that you can use to save some money.

1. Look for free entries

Who doesn’t like anything free? I definitely believe that most people enjoy free stuff. Most museums and botanic gardens offer free entry on a weekly or monthly basis. Some of them also offer ‘pay what you can’. But most of them have at least one day in a week where anyone can enter for free.  This can help you with cost-cutting while planning the trip. You can check this by using the local calendar or simply Google it.

2. Don’t stay in expensive hotel rooms


The best way to save your money is to cut down the cost of your room. I personally suggest you stay in a hostel or hotel that has fewer amenities.  Hotels usually charge you more money for their services such as pools, gym, indoor game rooms, etc and it’s better not to fall for it if you’re on a tight budget. Hostels are a good alternative, they are really not that bad as they sound and their prices range from $6 to $50. They usually have a full kitchen and offer free breakfast.

3. Shop at local stores


Shopping from the farmer’s market will allow you to buy vegetables and fruits at a cheaper rate. Eat from local restaurants which provides you local cuisines at a much cheaper rate than the hotel restaurants. Find hostel that provides you a stove, buy some local fish or meat and cook it yourself.

4. Travel during off-seasons

It’s easy and cheap to buy/book during the off-season, but most probably the weather will not be that great for travelers. The cost can double during the holiday or high season but that will be the best weather to travel and explore. You must also keep in mind the national holidays of the country you are visiting.

5. Tourist card / Priority pass

A city tourist card can be used as a great tool to save a lot of money, as it will help get free entry to top tourist spots, discounts at shops and sometimes free public transportation. Similarly, priority pass allows you to stay in more than 1000 airport lounges across the world. They usually offer you free Wi-Fi and food. You can purchase a priority pass on a yearly basis.

6. Expensive Mobile service


Phone services can be quite expensive when you travel overseas, so the best option is to buy a local sim card instead of paying for your current service plan. Buying a local sim will give you better access and will be less expensive on your pocket.

7. Stay away from tourist spots

The closer you are to a tourist spot or city the higher you will have to pay for your food and living. The safest option in this situation is to rent a room far away from the tourist attraction, you can easily visit the spots and then head back to your hotel to sleep.

8. Stay with friends

The more you travel, the more you learn how to network with people. This will help you to save money by not paying for hotel rooms. Friends usually offer you to stay at their place, but make sure that you are not messing around with their busy schedule. Also, keep in mind don’t stay for more than a week because this can cause inconveniences and build hard feelings. Remember to leave a cute note or maybe a nice bottle of wine before you leave.

9. Eat with the locals


Obviously, if a restaurant is full of tourist then definitely it won’t be cheap but a great alternative to this is to eat with the locals. Eating with the locals is the best way to taste the best food items in their culture.

It is cheap, tastes good and allows you to the network. Although, make sure you know what you eat, consuming food that doesn’t suit your body could make you sick on your travel

10. Stick to your budget


Just creating a budget will not help you save a single penny if you don’t stick to it. It’s very important to stick to the budget and it is the best way to keep a track on your expenses. If you have saved enough money, you can treat yourself on the last day of the vacation.

11. Free breakfast or a big lunch

Many hotels offer free breakfast and this is a good way to cut down the cost on meals. Take the breakfast as late as possible and eat as much as you can, in this way you wont be hungry for lunch. Similarly, they sometimes offer a lunch special, in which they will provide you food at a cheaper rate. You can also buy extra food at lunch and save it for dinner.

12. Carry snacks and water

Footlogs- Energy bar

Snacks and water can be expensive while traveling. Keep some high calories snacks and a few bottles of water in your bag which could help you survive a couple of breakfasts.

13 Collect point or referrals

Particular websites offer points or money if you recommend their services to your family or friends. In this way, you can collect point and get benefits or else directly earn a few sweet bucks.

14 Bank fees

This drives me crazy, banks charge a ridiculous amount of international transaction fees. ATMs usually charge a much higher fee when you withdraw cash from a non-local ATM. Do your research and try to find a bank that charges minimum fees and have maximum benefits.

15. Camps

Last but not the least camps are one of the best opinions if you are going on a trip with your friends or even family and it’s a great way to cut down the cost.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this article and hopefully you will use these tips to save money while traveling.

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