Most useful apps while Traveling (As per Top Travel Bloggers)

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Traveling, whether in your own country or overseas, has become much more comfortable than ever before. If you are worried about your accommodation or how to travel or budget, then this article is the perfect solution to all your problems. There are so many apps available for solving our problems, and this article will introduce you to those apps. Travel bloggers highly recommend these apps.

1. Postgram

Postgram might sound like an Instagram Rip off. Well, not really. Travelers have a habit of sending postcards to their close ones. Postgram is an app that allows the user to create a personalized postcard using photos from their smartphone. They print and mail the postcard for roughly the same price as regular postcards and are quick. It makes everything simple. The user no longer has to search for the nearby post office or waste time in search of good postcards.

Download: Playstore | App Store

2. Google keep

Google keep is highly recommended by many travel bloggers because it’s incredibly user-friendly and practical. It is an app that allows you to note or jot down things according to your needs. You can store your ideas or thoughts in the form of notes, lists, pictures, audios, and everything gets saved automatically in the system. You can use the search option to find out old notes, and it also has fresh color codes.

Download: Google Play store | Apple App Store

3. Ola

 Ola is one of the favorite ridding apps used in Asian countries, especially countries like India and Shri Lanka. If you’re planning to visit Asian countries, then this app will be super useful while traveling. The main reason behind its popularity is, it’s user-friendly and inexpensive nature. Uber is famous in Western countries and is also used in a few Asian countries but not as extensively as Ola. Recently Ola has partnered with the German food delivery company Foodpanda. This means you can use them to get around as well as to get your food delivered at your doorstep.

Download: Google Play store | Apple App Store

4. OneNote

OneNote is my all time favorite. It’s easy and convenient. It makes things much more comfortable and quicker. It’s impressive because it is a free app and syncs with all your devices. This makes them super convenient to use it in your phone, laptop, or tab. I use it on all my devices, I use my phone to write down Instagram captions, or idea or thoughts, and my laptop to write my blogs.

Download: Google Play store | Apple App Store

5. Snapseed

You might have heard about Snapseed. It’s a photo editing app. There are many photo editing apps available online, but this app has many advantages. You can easily edit your photo without any technical issues, it is easy to use and has some professional features like portrait mode, brightening of the eyes, smooth skin, etc.

Download: Google Play store | Apple App Store

6.  Packpoint

Packpoint is a great app which helps you in packing for your trip. Yes, you heard it right, this app will help you make a list of things you need to pack. All you need to do is, fill in the country you’re visiting, the date and for how long you are visiting. According to the information provided, this app will suggest you things you require during the entire trip to that country. You can add or cancel according to your preference and can tick the things you have packed.

Download: Google Play store | Apple App Store

7. Couchsurfing

This is a beautiful app that allows the traveler to book accommodations and the host to rent a place for shelter. If you have a place to rent as accommodation, then you can easily rent it by completing the KYC needed. I love this app. It’s so useful to find accommodation according to your needs, you can also read reviews about the place and the host. It is a great way to learn more about their local culture.

Download: Google Play store | Apple App Store

8. TripCase

Traveling can be stressful and can give you anxiety, but this app will help you stay at ease. TripCase is an app that works as a personal travel agent and will always keep you updated about any minor changes in your flight, accommodations or rental cars, etc. You already have all the information needed regarding your trip, and this will help you stay calm throughout your journey.

Download: Google Play store | Apple App Store

9. TrabeePocket

Many budget travel bloggers love this app for a good reason. This app will help you track down your travel expenses in a foreign country. There is a free and a paid version available. You can pay a small amount and get a pretty version. You can set a budget for yourself or see if your spending too much. You can easily choose the currency of your choice and use the app features to track your food, travel, and accommodation expense.

Download: Google Play store | Apple App Store

10. Wunderlist

Wunderlist can be an essential tool in your life if you love keeping yourself and work on track. It is a straightforward app and helps you set tasks or write idea and thoughts which can make your life so much easy breezy, especially when you are traveling.

Download: Google Play store | Apple App Store

11. Skyscanner

If you travel quite often, you might have heard or used Skyscanner. It is the best app to check for airline ticket prices. You can find the best price options without any complications. Use this app and book the cheapest flight.

Download: Google Play store | Apple App Store

12. Rome2Rio

Rome2Rio is a go-to app for many travelers, including myself. It is the best search engine that would help you reach from one point to another. It provides different links to travel websites and their cost. It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling in a flight, train, bus, car, or ferry this app will help you.

Download: Google Play store | Apple App Store

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about these beautiful life-changing apps and I recommend you guys to at least try one of these apps while planning for your next trip.

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