How to be a solo traveler – 9 Tips for Travelling Solo

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For me, Traveling solo is one of the best things in the world. There are so many advantages to traveling alone. It can make you feel strong, confident and empowered. You can do whatever you wish to do, connect to as many people as possible, you can have all the “me time” and be spontaneous at the same time. I personally love traveling solo and enjoy every bit of my journey. Here is a list of how to become a solo traveler and complete your trip successfully.

1. Decide your destination

Doesn’t matter where you go, but you have to have a complete idea of the climate, area, expenses, etc. Deciding a destination will help you kick start your trip. Select for destinations that allow you to stay out most of the day and speak with the locals. Sooner you decide your destination, more time you get to save and prepare a budget accordingly.

2. Safety

Safety comes first, especially when you are solo. Solo travelers are more vulnerable to frauds, assaults, murders, etc. No, you don’t need to panic, I am not saying that staying in a group will keep you safe either. You just need to be careful about your surroundings. Don’t wear flashy clothes, try to dress like the locals so that you don’t stand out in the crowd.

Make sure you know how much does it cost to travel from your hotel room to particular places like airport, museum, etc. In this way, no cab driver is fooling you. Getting wasted on a solo trip is a big NO NO, you can easily put yourself into dangerous situations. Always listen to your inner voice, if you feel something is not okay even if everything seems fine, just listen to your gut and don’t do it.

3. Be Confident

Confidence is the key and is very essential to follow this rule and this is a special tip for solo female travelers. You should never look under confident or nervous because this will make you look vulnerable, easy to attack, fearful and all the worst things. So the best way to overcome all these problems is to look confident, don’t panic even if you get lost, just stay calm and will find your way back. And this is a special tip for solo female travelers.

4. Book solo – friendly accommodations

If you’re a solo traveler on a budget then motel, hostels are a good option. They are cheap but not that bad, at least you have a bed to sleep and a roof on your head. Hostels are a good way to save money because they are extremely cheap and you could utilize all that money throughout the trip. You can also go for Airbnb, they are also quite cheap and could be amazing. I personally love Airbnb, they make your stay closer to the locals, see their culture and enjoy it. If you find a good host, you can also ask for suggestions regarding food and places to visit.

5. Pack light

How to be a solo traveler

We all know, packing can be big trouble. But packing light is extremely important for a solo traveler so that you can move easily, save your money, energy and time. Nobody wants to carry a heavy backpack and a suitcase and a handbag, this all will just restrict your moments and make you tired. The best way to pack is to only bring things that are necessary, don’t just dump things into your bag, be mindful of what you need through the trip. I would also recommend packing clothes that you like and would want to wear again and again or pack clothes with basic colors like back, white, gray, brown so that you don’t have to sit for hours stressing about what to wear. Also, pack a limited amount of accessories. If you don’t have a proper backpack yet, then check out my review of 7 best backpacking backpacks under $200.

6. Enjoy with the locals

Staying and talking with the locals will make you happy and give you a better look towards life. They are usually very warm and welcoming, sit and eat with them. They are also the best guides you can ask for, they know everything about their culture, history, and traditions and you will be stunned with their talks. Also, take advantage of the situation and learn some new words in their language because they will have the perfect accent. I personally love talking with the locals, they are fun and their stories are inspiring.

7. Stay private

Stay Private

Yes, I know in the previous point I was encouraging you to talk with strangers, but I meant to talk to them with a purpose of knowing the county and not sharing your private information. Don’t let strangers know you are alone, because they may take advantage of this situation. You can lie to them that you’re traveling with your family or friends or partner and give an excuse that you are out without them because you wanted to explore. If you don’t want to lie then learn to be politely vague.

8. Stay connected

Stay Connected

It’s crucial to stay connected with your friends and family members while traveling alone. They need to know if you are okay and where are you heading next. Also, make sure you keep telling them about your plans and locations. This way you will leave a trail, in case anything goes wrong they can find you immediately. Also set a time frame, for instance, let your family know that if you don’t connect with them for more than 5 days that means something is wrong with you. And most importantly connecting with them will make you feel good.

9. You will get lonely

things to do when you are solo

I feel this is one major downside of traveling alone, you will feel lonely at a point or low or bored and it’s completely fine. I recommend carrying a motivational book or a traveler’s books that will boost your morale and make you feel better. You can opt for mobile games to kill boredom and if nothing works then the best solution is to sleep.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this article and find it helpful. Just make sure you enjoy your trip, explore as much as you can and stay safe.

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