Covering Amritsar in One day

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Amritsar, the city of Golden Star, is a must visit place if you are nearby. There are around 6-7 tourist attractions in Amritsar, and you need about three days to cover all of them. But if you are on a tight schedule and only have a day to visit Amritsar, this is the guide for you.

Last winter went on a trip to the North, and I had five days. You can read about my journey from Vaishnov Devi – Patnitop (snow hill station) – Amritsar. Anyway, so I had a tight schedule and had just one day to cover Amritsar. And I did it like a rock star. It took me 2 hours to plan every second of Amritsar, but it was all worth it.

Morning Plans in Amritsar

I reached at around 9 am in Amritsar, so I will be scheduling everything from 9 am.

So in the morning, you can have breakfast in a nearby restaurant. Although you can have Tea and Puri at any adjacent Tea Stall to keep it light for the travel or enjoy Ghee Paratha in a hotel. Get done with your breakfast by around 10 am. Find a rickshaw and ask him to drop you at Golden Temple. Noticing that you are not a local they will 3x the standard fare, so before sitting in a rickshaw make sure you bargain and bring the price down. Usually, from Queens Road (where most of the hotels and guest houses are) to Golden Temple the correct rickshaw fare is Rs. 10 per person.

By 10.30 the rickshaw will drop you on the street then you will have to walk for around 5-10 minutes to reach Golden Temple. You must read Everything you need to know about visiting Golden temple of Amritsar. You will see a lot of attractive stores and lassi stalls there but dare yourself to not to stop over there because you are bound by time and we gonna revisit the street in the evening (Yeah, I will explain this later). On the way of the Golden Temple, you will find a gate to Jallianwala Bagh. Get inside, hire a guide if you are not aware of this place’s history. It will take you around 30-45 minutes to cover the entire area. Once you are done, get out and make a left for the Golden Temple, which will be just about 200m away. Straight away head on to Golden Temple. You can read my guide of Everything you need to know before entering the Golden Temple. 


Noon Lunch

Once you enter the place from where you can see the Golden Temple, you will see a huge line to get inside the temple. We gonna skip that for now as we will be revisiting the temple in the evening. Just enjoy the scenic beauty of the temple shining brightly in Sunlight from outside. Pray all your wishings from outside and get the Langer. Langer is Prashad in the form of a proper meal. Take your lunch in Langer. Try completing your lunch by 1 pm.

Golden Temple Amritsar in One day


Afternoon rush

So from the Golden Temple, our next place will be Wagha Border. Wagha Border parade starts from 4 pm but to have the best experience you will have to reach as early as possible and get the best seats. The seats are in a first come first serve basis.

Amritsar in 1 day

Grab an auto from Golden Temple to Wagha Border. They might take around Rs. 100-200 per person. But if you are more than five people you can easily get the entire rickshaw for Rs.500. Also, they have colossal rickshaw which can fill around ten people at a time.

So leave by 1-1.30 pm, and it will take around 45 minutes to reach Wagha Border entrance. There is a walk of approximately 500 meters from there. Also, you are not allowed to carry bags in there so you will have to find a local locker wala and keep all your bags there. You can take your camera and mobile phones. To know more about Wagha Border, you must read Everything you need to know about Wagha Border.


Evening Peace

The Wagha Border parade will end by 6.30 pm, get out of there as soon as possible. Don’t forget to get your bags from the locker. You will be heading to the Golden Temple again. Catch a rickshaw for the Golden Temple. They might take around Rs.200 per person or around Rs.800 for the entire rickshaw. Your goal will be to reach the Golden Temple street by 8 pm. Wander the streets there for an hour. Have some lassi or icecreams. Get in the Golden Temple by 9 pm. The temple looks entirely different and way too beautiful in the night sky. Get in the line to get inside the temple. The line moves slowly as they don’t force people to move out. One can have as much time as they want praying inside the Golden Temple.

Amritsar in 1 day Golden Temple at Night

You will be done by 10.30 pm. Head on to a desi Punjabi restaurant. You can ask any rickshaw to take you to a great local restaurant for your dinner.

And this is how you cover Amritsar in One day. If there is some updates regarding my information, or if there is something that you feel incorrect please let me know in the comments down below.

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