Top 9 Causes of Injury and Sickness while Traveling

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Traveling is one of the most beautiful and unusual ways to learn about new places, people, culture, history, etc. Reading about these things on the internet can be easy, but going out and exploring it is fun and adventures.

As we all know, there are two sides to a coin, so traveling can look and sound exciting, but you must keep in mind the cons as well.  Reportedly many travelers get injured or fall sick or unintentionally fall in trouble, especially the overseas travelers. If you ask people what are the common causes of injury and illness while traveling, you are going to find a lot of weird and strange answers.

​Here is a list of top 10 causes of injury and sickness while traveling.

​1. Know your limits and don’t try to cross it

Trying to show off and look cool by crossing your limits is one of the common cause of injuries among travelers. Well, I won’t lie to you, I have done some stupid and crazy things to look cool and injured myself.

Knowing your limits and trying not to push yourself too much will most probably keep you safe.  If you know your physical limits, then please don’t try to cross it, just because of the adrenaline rush or peer pressure, whatever the situation may be because this could lead to severe injuries.

The most common injury in travelers is breaking their bones, so I suggest better not to try something too crazy beyond your physical limits.

2. Avoid eating unusual food or drinks

Street Food

​Trying local cuisine and bizarre foods can be very adventurous and exciting but always make sure you are eating from the right place and taking care of your hygiene.

Try not to eat unusual or exotic foods because this can lead to serious illness. Eating anything that you and your body are not used to can cause food poisoning or diarrhea or even worst. Do proper research and take care of your allergies before consuming any food or drink.

3. Drug’s and alcohol

​ Drugs and alcohol is the second common cause of injuries and even death in overseas travelers. Injuries caused by falling off the balcony, getting into a road accident, tripping, etc. are more common than we think. When you’re in the influence of such toxic products your brain can’t think straight due to the chemical reactions, this can lead to irrational decision-making causing injuries to oneself and also the surrounding people. The best way to overcome this situation is to stay responsible and not consume such products.

4. Road accidents while traveling

Accidents while Travelling

Going on a road trip in a strange country sounds intriguing. But you must remember that the rules and regulations that you follow in your country could be different from the country that you are visiting. It’s very important to know the vehicle that you are maneuvering. Listen to all the instructions carefully, follow them and know the routes well.

5. Drowning

Travel Drowning

​ Similar to the point above, drowning is common among travelers. The major fact behind this is, that your unfamiliar of the place and the risks involved. If you’re planning to go for rafting make sure that you’re vigilant, you know to swim, wear all the necessary safety gears, listen to the instructions given, know the river route, know the details about the currents, etc. all this could save your life in the case on any mishap.

​6. Don’t feed animals

​I know we all have been there, we all are guilty of feeding animals, and we probably know that it’s not OK. Remember your mom telling you not to feed animals, the reason behind it is, that those animals can probably attack you and this is a classic cause of injuries and mishaps.

7. Pay attention

​Make sure you pay attention to your surroundings and watch your steps. We all have at least tripped once in our life and injured ourselves just because we were busy with our cell phones. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings, not only you will save yourself from being injured but will also enjoy the trip more.

8. Take your medications

​ Your health /medical conditions will not disappear in a new country. You still need to make sure that you take your medications on time and maintain the needed diet. Also, make sure you carry your medications in your everyday backpack so that you can use them in case of emergency.

9. Other facts

​Here is a mini list of things to keep in mind:

  • Always know the emergency numbers of the country your visiting. Also, make sure you know to say help and police or other emergency words in that country’s local language.
  • Immediately seek medical help in case of a car accident, sexual assault or physical attack, and animal bites.
  • Always carry your passport and all the necessary documents with you.
  • Make sure your life insurance also supports you in case of any accidents in foreign countries.


​Stay hydrated

​Water is such a great source to refresh your body and mind. It will not only keep your body hydrated but also keep your skin glowing. It will also keep your nose and throat line filled with mucus, which will work as a protective barrier against the germs.

​Wash your hands

​It’s such a simple habit and so effective. Washing your hands before eating and touching your face will prevent you from falling sick or getting skin infections.  It’s the best and simple form of defense against germs. Also, if you are a female traveler you should consider reading 10 tips for solo female traveler in which I have shared tips to be safe for female while travelling solo.


Through this, we can conclude that it’s easy to get injured or fall sick when you are traveling but by taking small but easy steps you can prevent it. Hopefully, all these tips will help you make your trip better and fun.

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