6 Best waterproof trekking shoes in India

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I still remember when I bought Shoes for my first Trek. Apparently, the trek was in monsoon, and I bought winter shoes which were just water resistant. I got a fungal infection due to wet feet and this ruined my entire experience. Waterproof trekking shoes are more important than we think. In India, it’s kinda tricky to find a perfect waterproof pair. Of course, most shoes claim that they are waterproof, but they are not.

In Trekking, your footwear will be the essential gear. A bad choice could get you blisters, muscle cramps, or/and swollen toes which can easily ruin your entire trek. Whereas a perfect pair of shoes can make help you maintain balance, flexibility, minimise blisters, dry quickly and help you trek comfortably. So I decided to make this list of 6 best waterproof trekking shoes in India based on my own personal usage and review.

1. Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots By Quechua

Quechua Waterproof trekking shoes

This is by far the best waterproof pair I wore. This is perfect for a beginner level treks. It’s comfortable and has an excellent grip on the mountains. As they are entry level trekking shoes, you can even use these shoes for daily running. I wore them on my Deo Tibba trek, it rains heavily there, and these shoes exceed my expectations. And the best thing is that you get a two years warranty with these shoes.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof
  • All weather shoes
  • Comfortable
  • Provides great grip while climbing
  • Honeycomb sole and sock liner made of 5 mm PU foam which improves their lifetime.
  • 2 Years Warranty


  • Entry Level Shoes (Not recommended for treks of more than five days)
  • A little costly for an entry level shoes. But the quality is worth it.


2. Intermediate Waterproof Mountain Hiking Boots

Best waterproof trekking shoes in india

These are the shoes I am using right now, and they are super awesome. I have already trekked three lofty mountains with this pair, and the shoes are still as good as new. These shoes are made for mountain hiking on technical trails and are highly suggested for intermediate hikers and trekkers. They have rubber stone guards who at some level protect your foot from spraining and cramping.

If you are planning to go on a long trek like Roopkund, which requires more than five days or you planning for any technical treks, then I will recommend you to buy these shoes.

Key Features:

  • For intermediate hikers.
  • Best for Technical trails
  • All weather
  • Waterproof membrane tested on a 12km walk in water up to the middle of the upper
  • Rubber stone guard
  • CrossContact sole (Best for dry or muddy terrains)
  • Optimal comfort
  • 2 Years warranty


  • A little costly (but totally worth it).


3.  Lightweight Action Trekking Shoes by Add-Gear CTR

Monsoon Trekking shoes

If you are like my brother, who doesn’t like to wear heavy shoes, then these shoes are just made for you. I personally haven’t tried them, but my brother bought the same pair 2nd time. And as per his review, these shoes are lightweight and comfortable. They are not entirely waterproof, but they are THE BEST shoes for a rainy trek. One of their key features is that they are optimal for monsoon treks and hikes. My brother mentions that the best quality of these shoes is that they have a fantastic grip. They provide an excellent grip on wet rocks as compared to a few of the high-end trekking shoes.

I would also suggest this pair to female trekkers, as it will proffer less strain on your feet during long hikes and treks.

Key features:

  • Light Weight
  • Rubber Gum Sole
  • Mould Thick sole with Anti-skid, Slip-resistant & Wear-resistant properties
  • High-quality Midsole
  • Ideal for Monsoon Trekking hiking
  • Optimal for guys who prefer light-weight shoes
  • Optimal for Female trekkers
  • Professional Trekkers suggests this pair for Monsoon Treks
  • Reasonable Price


  • They are not Waterproof (But best for a monsoon/rainy trek)

4. Waterproof Quechua Forclaz

Best Waterproof trekking shoes in India

These shoes are best for rough use. If you have an active personality and like to run, jump and climb on a trek these shoes are for you. They are flexible and perfect for rough use. I have tried these shoes, and they are really are comfortable to wear. The material used is excellent and durable. You could easily use them for more than five long treks. The feature I loved the most is its stone guard, which will protect your toes when you hit a rock or something.

There are people on treks who love to jump from one rock to another and run on mountains. This pair is just made for them. It has shock absorption sole, which can minimise shock(to some extent) when you jump from the height. The shoes are Waterproof, and they are specially designed to walk the damp ground comfortably. Plus they have two years warranty too.

Key Features:

  • Shock absorption Sole
  • Waterproof
  • Impact protection Stone guard
  • 2 Years Guarantee
  • Great Grip


  • Well, I cannot think of any significant cons here.



5. Trekking and Hiking Boots by Wildcraft

Best waterproof trekking shows in India

So I saw these shoes, and it was like love at first sight. I bought these shoes just because they looked amazing and wasn’t expecting the performance. But now after using it for more than three years now, I would say they are durable and comfortable. I still wear these for most of my travels and one-day treks.

The shoes are not entirely waterproof, but they do resist water to the highest point. I went on a snow trek wearing these and didn’t have any major problem.

So if you are looking for comfort and durability with fashion then go with these shoes.

Key Features:

  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Water Resistant
  • They look good


  • They are not Waterproof (but water resistant)
  • Little costly (but they do last longer)


6. Affordable Hike Shoes by UniStar

Trekking Shoes India

If you are running a little low on your budget, then you can go with these shoes. They are not the best but they perfect for its price. I bought this pair once when I was running low on cash, and they did a decent job. They are water-resistant and have a nice balance. Although the shoes are for people, who have narrow feet. My experience wasn’t comforting due to my broad feet.

You cannot use them for long treks of course. They are optimal for short treks. I wouldn’t recommend wearing these for more than 100 km in total. Also, they are just water resistant and not proof.

Key Features:

  • Water Resistant
  • Durable Sole
  • Great Grip
  • Cheap Cost


  • Not for broad feet
  • Not recommended for heavy and long treks


Buyers Guide: Selecting Best Waterproof trekking shoes in India

As I said before ‘shoes are the most important gear in Trekking’. Selecting proper shoes for you is necessary. You cannot just buy the shoes that your friend wears, I mean you can, but for a better experience, you will need to select a pair with features that are most suitable for you.

I think I have done a decent job describing each and every shoe. So take your time, go through all the Pros and cons that I have mentioned and then select your shoes according.

Selecting a Proper Size Online

Never go on a trek with ill-fitted pair of shoes. You will find a Size Chart either in the Picture Gallery of the product or in the description. Take a scale or measuring tape and measure both of your feet. Why both? Because usually, your one feet is longer than other, at least mine is. And order accordingly.

Always remember your shoes should be one centimetre bigger than your feet because your feet swell when you hike a long distance. So never buy a shoe which fits perfectly.

Also Make sure to order your shoes as early as possible before the trek, so that if there are some size issues, you can replace them.

So here we end our guide of finding best waterproof trekking shoes in India, and I hope my reviews help you guys. Have a safe and pleasant trek. And I really wish all your doubts are clear now. If you still have any doubts feel free to comment down below, and I will reply as soon as I can.

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