Best Snowshoes for heavy person

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If you weigh more than 90kg/200lbs you will need shoes that could distribute it across as much space as possible on snow. Walking on terrain with unpacked snow could be dangerous for heavy people if the snow is more than deep. I have made a list of top 3 best snowshoes for a heavy person that you can purchase on Amazon. I have also made a guide regarding how to select perfect snowshoes for a heavy person. So go through the guide first and then select the products accordingly from my list.

How to choose your Snowshoes

Two main functions of Snowshoes are:

  • Provide a proper Grip while climbing or walking on snow
  • Provide Flotation over snow so that you don’t fell into post-hole or sink into the snow.

All of the shoes mentioned below serves both the functions, some excel more in grip and some are specialised in flotation. So it is necessary to select shoes that are best for your area. I have Highlighted their key function in which they excel, so choose subsequently.

There are 3 Fundamental characteristics of snowshoes that you should consider before buying

  • The weight of the snowshoes
  • Size
  • Binding

The weight of the Snowshoes

If you are going on a trek or a hike, the weight of the snowshoes will matter the most. You will have to select shoes which are lightweight yet big enough. Being a heavy person it is always advised to find shoes that can cover as much area as possible on snow even after being lightweight. Snowshoes usually weight around 5lbs/1.8kg.


Various sizes of snowshoes are available in the market. But being a heavy guy always go with the shoes that could cover as much area as possible on snow. But if you are hiking in places where it doesn’t snow a lot then you can go with a size smaller.

But if you are selecting shoes for places where it snows a lot then floating is your priority. In this case, you can buy tails that can be attached to your snowshoes to cover as much as area as possible.


It is necessary to consider binding if you are planning to go on long treks and hike. You will have to consider factors like comfort, ease of binding, security of binding. It is possible that binding could freeze and break, so you will also have to consider how easy it is to replace binding. But don’t worry, I made sure to list shoes that have the best bindings. So you need to need to worry about binding if you select shoes from my list.

Best Snowshoes for heavy person

You might be wondering how did I select products suitable for this list? Well, I have gone to many Snow Treks in the Himalayas with different groups. And to be in touch we usually share our contact details with each other. Right now I have contact numbers of more than 400 Himalayan trekkers. So I sent them a message and asked them to describe their snowshoes. I got around 300 reviews for 35 different Snowshoes. Then I compared all the reviews and made this list of 3 best snowshoes for heavy person.

1. Lightning Ascent Snowshoe

Snowshoes for heavy person

When MSR Lightning Ascents were first introduced they transformed snowshoes industry. Lightning ascent is probably the best shoes in the market right now. Whether you have to go hiking in wintery trails or climb a snowy mountain, these shoes have got your back (or I should say feet). Lightning Ascent snowshoes are highly recommended if you are going on a technical trek. Their four strap layout makes it easier to attach them to your backpack.

The shoes come in 3 versions: 22″, 25″, and 30. You will have to buy its 5-inch floatation tails separately. Shoes 360-degree Friction frames provide high-grade grip.

Key Features:

  • 360 Degree Traction frames.
  • Torsion2 crampons
  • Freeze-resistant Binding
  • Ergo Televators – They help to increase traction while climbing steep terrains.





2. Tubbs Flex VRT Snowshoes

Best snowshoes for heavy person

Tubbs Flex VRT are very comfortable snowshoes with great design. They are quite popular for their Boa Closure System which distributes weight evenly around your foot. It can drastically reduce stress on your joint caused due to heavy loads. The binding is really easy to use and it is compatible with various types of shoes. Tubbs Flex VRT snowshoes are capable of providing a decent grip on hard and slippery snow terrain.

Key Features:

  • Boa Closure System – Helps to gain excellent balance
  • Flex Tail – Reduces stress on your joints.
  • Comfortable
  • Compatible with various styles of shoes.
  • Excellent Grip
  • Provides Great Floatation





3. Atlas Serrate Snowshoes

Snow shoes for heavy person

Spring-loaded suspensions make Atlas Serrate Snowshoes one of the best in the list. It makes it easier to climb mountains with spring-loaded suspensions.  These shoes are comfortable and efficient. One of their key features is Wrapped Pro binding which provides easy buckle release even if you are wearing gloves. The shoes also have a Heel lift bar which provides excellent grip. It has great weight distribution on terrain and provides sure footing on the most technical treks.

Key Features:

  • Spring-loaded suspension
  • Wrapped Pro binding
  • Heel lift bar
  • Stability rear traction
  • 7075 aluminium reactive frame





The three shoes that I mentioned are the best snowshoes for heavy person. You can purchase any one of the above and expect great performance.

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